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Arbours & Bridges

Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for any project where durability and appearance matters. 

Whether landscaping a yard, building a garden structure, or enhancing the functionality of a community garden; cedar’s natural durability, low upkeep and outstanding structural stability make it a natural choice.

Arbours & Bridges

Arbours are used to enhance gateways, entrances, and functional transitions. 

The opening serves as a window to what is to come, framing the view, even building suspense. 

Arbours are often sided with shrubbery, ornamental trees or covered in flowering vines. Some arbours appear like a tunnel or walkway leading to or connecting two separate areas (breezeway arbour).In some instances, arbours are used near the front of a house to dress up and divert an unsafe or unsightly downspout away from the house.Design: Most arbours are free standing; have either 2 or 4 posts, with a rectangular or round slatted top. Many have trellises attached for vines to grow and some have side benches to sit and visit. A good opening height is about 7′ and above. Widths vary widely.

Installation: For stability, posts should be anchored with a metal base or sunk into the ground a minimal of 3′. Post grit is an excellent medium for anchoring the posts into the ground. 

Lumber Care: Once you start construction, keep your wood building materials covered by a tarp, especially on hot sunny days. This makes a huge difference as it keeps your lumber straight & true!

Like an arbour, a bridge signifies a way to cross over or transition, drawing attention to a particular portion of your garden. 

Garden bridges come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and forms; arched or flat, floating or suspended on invisible piles, with or without railings. 

Bridges can be used as walkways into structures, cross a creek or dry bed, cross over low growing vegetation, ease the approach onto a steep bank; the options are endless.

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Arbours & Bridges
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