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Stability & Longevity

With its unique natural preservative, cedar is an outstanding building material for fences, decks, pergolas,, landscaping, interior and exterior features. Any application where the use of a stable and reliable wood building material is desired, will benefit greatly from cedars natural properties.

Real Natural Beauty

Because of its real natural beauty, cedar is often used to create dramatic entryways, exterior post and timber features, trim effects, and accents. Choosing cedar ensures that the special details of your home withstand the test of time.

Earth Friendly

Renewable by nature, grown through sustainable forestry and fully reclaimable, cedar wood carries a light footprint—much lower than any other construction materials.

Trees sequester carbon and produce oxygen; wood products further extend this cycle by storing the carbon dioxide for decades.

Healthy & Sustainable

Wood structures are healthier for occupants and require less energy to build and operate. The recent trend in biophelic design is helping us rediscover many attributes of wood as a positive contributor to healing and mental wellness. Wood’s tonal range and pronounced grain help
re-connect people to nature.
Durable Long Lasting Lumber

How It Works

Prairie Cedar carries a full selection of cedar boards, dimensional lumber, timbers, posts & beams solid wood profiles, sidings, trim, roofing, etc., in common widths, lengths and grades.

Western Red Cedar timbers, dimensional products and boards are typically available in a wide selection of sizes: thicknesses range from 1” to 12” and widths from 2” to 12”. Standard lengths are in multiples of two feet, typically up to 16’.

Longer lengths and larger sizes are available on select items – check in advance to see if those are in stock or need to be custom cut. Remember; custom orders require extra lead time. Please order in advance so your project stays on schedule.
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Step 1

Placing Your Order

Orders can be placed in-person, by phone or by email. When you place your order, we can help you out with design concepts, functions, and preparation or treatment options. Once we generate your order list, we can determine if there are any items that need to be custom cut, special-order, or non-stock and arrange to get those looked after. You can also place your order in advance to ensure availability of stock for an upcoming project. Custom cutting (if required) typically a requires 48 hour lead time.

Step 2

Filling Your Order

When you visit our store, we can fulfill your order in person and in real time. We can schedule your order for pick-up at a later time or date — large orders will be wrapped and strapped in advance. We offer curbside delivery on weekdays within 24 hours of your order if you’re located within 150 km of our store — we just need information on where to place the order on your property and your contact information. We can also use common carriers to deliver your order if you’re located outside of the 150 km radius. Delivery rates will depend on the details of your order.

Step 3


For payment, we accept credit cards (Debit, Visa, MasterCard, E Transfer, EFT,). We can also take deposits on pre-orders and special orders to secure price and availability in advance. For frequent customers with a proven credit history we can offer monthly billing and payment terms — contact us for more details.

On The Job-Site

Keep wood building materials of the ground and stack it evenly. For organic building materials, uniform climatization is key to keeping your materials straight and true. For this reason, always keep  your lumber stock pile covered with a tarp!


Customer Feedback

We welcome any and all feedback, what went well, what didn’t. We continually learn through feedback from real customer experiences. It allows us to improve our process and better understand the kind of information that is helpful to customers moving forward.



Please be mindful that cedar is an appearance product. Conditions apply, good storage and handling is key to keeping it straight and true. Avoid overbuying. Industry standards are 10%-15% trim loss. We strive to deliver a quality product where waste caused by defective material is minimal.

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The best product, helpful staff, informative and knowledgeable. Made our project deck truly beautiful

Pa Tait
Facebook Review

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the quick drive out was well worth it. Don’t waste your time going to the regular lumber stores, the difference in quality is amazing. Head out to Prairie Cedar!!!

Mitchell Ponich
Facebook Review

Class Act. Professional, punctual delivery and A1 customer service.

PJ Davis
Facebook Review

The cedar here is the best in Southern Alberta. The guy at the front is very honest and open when giving info which I appreciate. So many places tell you what they think you want to hear. Its different here and thats what makes them great. Will shop here always.

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