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Cedar is a great wood product to add warmth and texture to your living space. Add shiplap on feature walls; accentuate exposed structural elements, or highlight open beams. Just enjoy the warmth and feel of real wood elements. 

It has beautiful grain and an inherent stability that provides results that last a lifetime.


Vibe: Cedar instills a natural, comfortable atmosphere. It has an inherent calming influence.

Grades: Cedar products are available in Clear and Knotty grades. Clear cedar features warm tones and variegated colours. Knotty cedar offers a more rustic look and feel.

Context:  Contrast is a great way to vividly enhance the natural effect of real wood. Too much wood can spoil the result while contrasting tones enhances the impact. 

Natural stone, (mat or semi-gloss) black iron, whites and offsetting paints naturally enhance the look of cedar.

Moisture: Due to its natural properties, cedar performs amazingly well in high humidity spaces (pools, hot tubs, steam rooms). It will absorb and discharge moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding space without compromise to its structural values (used in humidors and guitar shops).

Finishing options: Use a commercial bleaching agent for a sun-bleached driftwood effect.- Clear satin lacquer can be used to create a transparent protective layer,.- Clear penetrating finishes define the grain and enhance cedar’s variegated color without adding sheen.- Non-tinted sealers prevent water staining in damp spaces.

Layout: A story pole is a great technique for transferring consistent height across a course from one part of the structure to another, i.e., across doors, windows or onto opposing walls. Also useful in anticipating the need for adjustment in event of uneven ceiling heights or out of square walls and quite useful in avoiding the frustration of finishing on a tapered board against the peak or ceiling.

Joinery: When choosing your trim for doors and windows, simple box joints complement the cedar. Mitre joints appear overdone.

Fasteners: Collated fasteners work well indoors. Be sure to use stainless steel fasteners if you anticipate higher than average humidity (showers, steam rooms, pools, hot tub rooms).

Lumber Care: Once you start construction, keep your wood building materials covered by a tarp, especially in heated spaces. This makes a huge difference as it keeps your lumber straight & true!

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The best product, helpful staff, informative and knowledgeable. Made our project deck truly beautiful

Pa Tait
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Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the quick drive out was well worth it. Don’t waste your time going to the regular lumber stores, the difference in quality is amazing. Head out to Prairie Cedar!!!

Mitchell Ponich
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Class Act. Professional, punctual delivery and A1 customer service.

PJ Davis
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The cedar here is the best in Southern Alberta. The guy at the front is very honest and open when giving info which I appreciate. So many places tell you what they think you want to hear. Its different here and thats what makes them great. Will shop here always.

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