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Fencing & Privacy Screens

A fence creates a first impressions sets you perimeter, and adds security for children, pets, and property. 

Cedar fencing is super durable and looks fantastic. It does not easily warp or twist. After a few years the difference will become obvious.

In terms of value per dollar, it is hard to beat the value of real cedar. With a good design it will be a major attribute to your home for decades.

Fencing & Privacy Screens

Spacing: To prevent your fence from sagging avoid spacing posts more than 8 feet. Oversized or small end sections do not look great, compromise performance, and add needless cost; measure the total length, divide it into equal sections of 8 feet or less and set your posts accordingly.

Elevation Changes: Lot shape and direction of surface runoff will influence you design options. Landscape designs follow the existing flow of the land and look great on large properties. Terrace designs work well when you need to accommodate large changes in elevation over short distances. They look best with a curb or retaining wall to address the gaps created underneath.

Curbs make it easy to mow the grass up to your fence and/or contain flower beds, mulch, landscape materials or back-fill.

Board Spacing: While gaps between boards are great for a wind diffusion; however, too large a gap reduces security and privacy.

Fasteners: Screws are the preferred fastener. Brown Ceramic coated screws look good and don’t stain the wood. Picket screws must be long enough to penetrate 1” into the structural supports.

Posts:  If you are choosing to build your fence on a concrete curb, use metal posts. It will greatly extend the service life of your fence. 

Place posts at a minimum depth of 3 feet (or more) to prevent frost heave. Keep the concrete a few inches below grade to leave room for top soil.                                                                                                    

Wood posts perform great when set in post grit at depth of 3′ or more.  Size matters: 4×4 posts can be a weak link in your fence (known to break during severe wind storms). 4×6 posts look better and last.

Finishing:  Capping your fence boards and post tops makes everything look better and last longer.

Lumber Care: Once you start construction, keep your wood pile tarped, especially on hot days. This makes a huge difference as it keeps your lumber straight & true!

Key measurement for accurate take-off

- # of posts

- # of sections (panels)

- opening size of each panel

- # of gates & size

- total lineal feet of fence

- change in elevation from start to end (when significant)

- post style preferences (defined or integrated)

- overall style preference (concept picture).

Oversized gates tend to sag. Ideal widths range between 3’ & 4’.

For custom gates, a 3-ply approach using 1″ frame boards front and back to sandwich the boards on the gate, reduces weight and increases structure.

Use screws, a good weatherproof construction adhesive and overlapping joints to prevent gates from sagging.

Custom gate arbours can be incorporated to add support for weak posts or heavy gates. They also look great.

Split large RV gates in two to avoid overloading the hinges. Add a removable center post for ease of use, continuity, and support.

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Fencing & Privacy Screens
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