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A greenhouse is a girt to anyone who loves plants whether you have hours and hours to devote to gardening or just a few minutes a week. Here are just a few ideas to help you succeed with your own greenhouse.

Garden & Landscape

Western Red Cedar is a natural fit for your greenhouse. It performs exceptionally well in a moist environment. Cedar’s natural oils resist rot and bug infestation and its low density makes it an excellent thermal insulator (keeping your greenhouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This unique quality provides a natural thermostat that your plants will love!

Size: Once you establish a location with good sun exposure (i.e., south facing) and preferably somewhat sheltered from extreme winds, you can decide on a suitable size. 8×10 is a great place to start.

Temperature Control: The next consideration is venting & heating. Poly-carbonate windows are light weight, durable and UV resistant. The use of solar activated window openers will eliminate a lot of running back and forth while ensuring a nice even temperature in the greenhouse. The consequential reduction in overheating or excessive cooling will greatly improve the overall performance of the greenhouse while reducing plant dehydration and minimizing rot, mould or fungus growth.

Floor: Concrete tile works great and offers the additional benefit of some degree of natural drainage.

Insulating the walls where there is no glazing with a mould resistant rigid foam product (i.e. north and west wall) will help preserve heat on cold days.

A sloped roof 4/12-6/12 will help keep heavy snow off in the winter.

Lumber Care: Once you start construction, keep your wood building materials covered with a tarp, especially on hot sunny days. This makes a huge difference as it keeps your lumber straight & true!

Help get an earlier start on the season, great for intense high yield gardening. Easy access.

Material:  Cypress, Cedar, or Redwood; all are naturally resistant to moisture and contain no harmful preservatives.

Material Size: stacked 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, or 2x12 for home use with 4x4 posts in the corners and middle.

Stacked 4x6 for serious gardeners fastened every four feet with 6”structural screws.

Height; 8” minimum. One foot high is preferential to most common plants while two foot high will accommodate the needs of larger plants (tomatoes, etc.) and is also an ideal height for wheelchair access.

Liners; Along the sides only, use landscape fabric or a rubberized membrane. Cover the top with a wood trim piece to protect it from UV damage and keep it in place. 

Cardboard and newspaper are an acceptable liner for the bottom. Avoid waterproof membranes as they may retain too much water, causing root rot.

Soil: twigs, sticks and branches on the bottom, as a future food source for the plants. Covered by sandy loam soil as it drains well.  Followed by peat (naturally manages balanced water supply.  Mix of compost and topsoil on top.

When you need a long term solution for curbs, borders, or a retaining wall; cedar 4x6 Eco Timbers work Fantastic. They are stable, stand up well in moist conditions and stack well.  

For curves, cutting them at 1 foot increments at 1-4 degree mitres makes it easy to follow various contours of lawns & gardens. 

For circles, increase or decrease your angle to make any circle you want.

An excellent choice for containing mulch or provide separation between brick, aggregates, lawn or garden.

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Garden & Landscape
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