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Experience the timeless beauty of real cedar siding & trim. 

Cedar is the perfect complement to stone, slate, brick, and other natural building materials.

Few other building materials express the natural environment like cedar: the tone, the texture, the resilience, and the raw beauty.


First impressions are everything. A great way to make an impact is to use real Cedar on the main features of your home. Personalize your front entrance with solid cedar posts, beams and rafters; add corbels, eave braces, awnings and feature gable trusses, enhance your outdoor space with real wood soffits over the walk out deck...

Reliability:  Cedar’s natural properties and timeless beauty are what makes it stand out. It consistently provides durability and overall performance as it is one of the most reliable wood building materials for the outdoors.

Finishing:  With this in mind, the choice of how to finish your Western Red Cedar siding is an important decision. 

You can simply leave it in its natural state. In time the wood turns a natural patina requiring minimal upkeep. Inversely, a simple treatment can help the wood achieve a uniform aged patina immediately.

If you would rather highlight the beautiful variegated tones of your cedar; a semi-transparent or a fully transparent finish is the best choice. The pigments in these products help shield the cedar from the sun, thus preserving the natural variegated tones of the wood. 

Solid finishes also perform well on cedar. This will of course cover the natural colour of the wood; however, cedar takes paint well and the finish will last for years.

Download this chart to obtain coverage of Western Red Cedar Siding.

Joinery:  In exterior applications, box joints work better and look better too. Mitres or scarf joints can distract from the overall result. 

Fasteners:  While HDG nails are acceptable, screws are much more reliable. Pre-drilling ends prevent splits. Outdoor waterproof adhesives work well with cedar and can be used to help brace critical joints.

Performance:  For best results, pre-finish the backside and end-cuts before installing. It will keep the wood straight & true and extend the service life of the outer finish.

Lumber Care: Once you start construction, keep your wood building materials covered by a tarp, especially on hot sunny days. This makes a huge difference as it keeps your lumber straight & true!

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The best product, helpful staff, informative and knowledgeable. Made our project deck truly beautiful

Pa Tait
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Friendly and knowledgeable staff, the quick drive out was well worth it. Don’t waste your time going to the regular lumber stores, the difference in quality is amazing. Head out to Prairie Cedar!!!

Mitchell Ponich
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Class Act. Professional, punctual delivery and A1 customer service.

PJ Davis
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The cedar here is the best in Southern Alberta. The guy at the front is very honest and open when giving info which I appreciate. So many places tell you what they think you want to hear. Its different here and thats what makes them great. Will shop here always.

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